Meet Our Player: Alex Krehl

Alex Krehl (G12, USA), is currently one of our players at Getafe International MFA. He joined this year to complete his his High School Diploma at Aquinas American School and train in our High Performance Soccer Program.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself (name, age, where are you from...)
I am Alex Krehl, 17 years old from Chicago USA
2. Where were you playing before arriving at Getafe International MFA? What school were you going to?
I was playing for my highschool Metea Valley.

3. When did you start practicing soccer and why?
I started practicing when I was really young because I just loved playing so much.

4. What is your favorite part about your soccer practice?
My favorite part is when it gets competitive and people start going really hard at each other.

5. Can you talk a little bit about your day to day in school and how you are doing (ie. what classes are you taking, what are your favorite parts of the day, how does school compare to back home etc...)
My day to day changes because the classes at Aquinas change every day whereas you might have math one day but not on a different day. This is very strange to me because I am used to going to every class in the same order every day of the week. My favorite part of the day is when school finally ends and we get to the training pitches and we get to play.

6. What do you hope to achieve during the Getafe International MFA soccer program?
I hope to get signed into the actual Getafe academy and further my soccer career.
7. What are your academic and athletic goals after graduation?
I don't have any academic goals, all I want is to play professional soccer.
8. How does the training you receive at Getafe International MFA compare with the training you had at home?
It is better because the speed of play is higher and the overall quality of the players is much better.
9.  How have you adapted to Madrid way of Life?
I have adapted to just going along with what the other players do.
10. Would you recommend this program? why?
I would recommend this program because the coaching is great and the training is very good for improvement. Also this is a good chance to be seen by academies.