Interview with Former Getafe International Madrid Football Academy Player Sebastian Restrepo 

Who is Sebastian Restrepo? Sebastian Restrepo is an athlete, someone who is driven and passionate about what he does and someone who never gives up.

Where are you currently playing? I am currently en route to play in Northeastern University.


When did you play for Getafe International Madrid Football Academy?  I played for the Academy in my sophomore year in 2018/19.

How would you describe your time at the Academy? My time was amazing. It was a spectacular experience and I not only matured but I also learned a lot.


Which aspects of your game did you develop most at the Academy? Touching. The possession drills we would do everyday made a huge difference to my game and has been one of my traits that has elevated me above the rest.


Which differences did you mainly notice between Spain and USA regarding training methodology and game style? Training methodology was pretty similar because my team was mainly Latin so we played touch type game, but the games were very different because in the United States there’s a lot of long ball teams. That’s something you don’t see in Spain. 

Where do you see yourself playing in the future? I see myself either playing in the MLS or making sure my college team makes it far in our season.

Why would you recommend the Getafe International program to any young player? It’s an unforgettable experience and the coaches/ staff are always there to help you.