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  1. Tell us a bit about yourself (name, age, where are you from...)
    My name is Max Ogawa and I was born in Sydney, Australia. I am currently 18 years old with two nationalities: Australian and Japanese. 

  2. Where were you playing before arriving at Getafe International MFA? What school were you going to?
    Before arriving to Getafe International MFA, I was over in the north of Spain, Oviedo, Asturias playing at Real Oviedo. I attended Palacio de Grande, where I took extensive spanish lessons while playing in the youth team. 

  3. When did you start practicing soccer and why?
    My first ever memory with a football was probably when I was about 3 years old, and at around that time I discovered my love for the game. I remember that I used to go watch my brother play for his local team and while he was playing, I was running around with the ball and passing it amongst the sisters of my brother's teammates. 

  4. What is your favorite part about your soccer practice?
    My favorite part about football practice is that the team works hard each week in training to be able to get a starting position in the games on the weekends. Furthermore, how the week is a buildup preparation to be able to compete and be strategic with our choices. 

  5. Can you talk a little bit about your day to day in school and how you are doing (ie. what classes are you taking, what are your favorite parts of the day, how does school compare to back home etc...)
    A normal day for me starts at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 11:00 p.m. I take about 5 classes each day at Aquinas American School, but varies depending on whether there are any study periods on that day. I take Mathematics, Chemistry, Science Topics, Environmental Systems & Societies, Business, and SSL (Spanish Second Language), but I also have Extended Essay as a club as I don’t have any days to attend any other clubs. 

  6. What do you hope to achieve during the Getafe International MFA soccer program? 
    While I am in the Getafe International MFA football program, I hope to achieve success with football in Spain, while keeping focused and doing well with my academics. 

  7. What are your academic and athletic goals after graduation?
    My athletic goals after graduation are to hopefully be playing football in Spain at a very high level and with that I hope to continue studying, to be specific, business. However, if I have to go elsewhere, I would like to travel to the U.S.A and continue playing football in college, while working to finish my schooling. 

  8. How does the training you receive at Getafe International MFA compare with the training you had at home?
    The training I have received at Getafe International MFA compared with the training I had at home is the quickness and movement of the ball when you have possession. The training in the program focuses highly on quick thinking and being able to have the confidence and tactical awareness to get out of situations quickly and to be able to individually and collectively win your battles. 

  9. How have you adapted to Madrid way of Life? 
    Adapting to Madrid’s way of Life has been surprising, but I am positive that it has been such a smooth transition because I live and eat with my friends and teammates so you always have people to help with adapting and exploring the city. 

  10. Would you recommend this program? Why?
    I would recommend this program because it is an amazing opportunity to receive a high level of education, training and games that can help prepare you for life when you graduate. 



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