Mexico Tryouts: Come to Play for a Chance to Receive a Scholarship in Getafe International MFA

Throughout the year we organize several tryouts, both locally and abroad, to scout for talent and present our academic and athletic project to any interested students.

Our next destination will be Mexico, where we have created a visit to two different cities (Mexico City and Querétaro) in which we aim to scout dedicated athlete students who want to continue their High School diploma in our American School in Madrid. 
The tryouts will take place during 3 days where the players will have a chance to train and compete with our Getafe International UEFA-PRO Coaches for a chance to be selected for one of several Scholarships in the program. 
You can find all the details of the tryouts here:
Getafe International Madrid Football Academy offers the Soccer Development Program with the option of doing a full academic year (10 months) or just the semester (5 months). The program is perfect for those players who want to continue their High School Diploma in an American school in Madrid and develop their soccer skills in a high performance environment.

You can see all the detailed characteristics of the academic program in this link below: