Meet Brian Rodriguez



Brian was selected during a Miami tryout, organized by Rush Soccer in mid June 2019. 

Fifty players, all affiliated with Rush clubs from Miami Rush and Puerto Rico Rush, attended the event as Getafe International Madrid Football Academy evaluated players to find the top ten performers. Following the evaluation and event, Getafe International contacted the top ten players and asked for academic transcripts. Upon receiving all the files, the top 3 players on the basis of soccer and academic performances were offered scholarships for the Academy in Madrid. 

The top Rush player, Brian Rodriguez, was finally awarded a full scholarship.

In September, Getafe International welcomed Brian at Aquinas American School and helped start his academic journey in Madrid. He has since been working towards finishing his High School Diploma and at the same time training in the afternoons with Getafe International in the Soccer Development Program.

Let's get to know Brian:

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself (name, age, where are you from...)

My name is Brian Rodriguez, I am 17 years years old and I was born in Cuba but moved to Miami when I was 9.


  1. What club where you playing in Miami?

I was playing in Real Miami, which is now the Miami Fc academy.


  1. When did you start practicing the sport and why?

I started practicing the sport since very young in the street but in a club since I was 12, because it is my passion and I do everything for it.


  1. What is your favorite part about your soccer practice?

My favorite part of the practice is interacting with my teammates and also when we are doing an attacking exercise because I love scoring goals.

  1. What do you hope to achieve during the Getafe International MFA soccer program? 

I hope to achieve my highest level in soccer, score a lot of goals and lead the team to victory.


  1. How have you adapted to Madrid way of Life?

I have adapted very well because I have met many friends and although I know it will be way harder in winter, so far it is going great.


  1. Do you have any soccer player idols? And if not, do you have any other idols (not related to the sport) that inspire you? If so, what makes them your hero?

My dad is my hero and motivation because he once told me that he used to work a lot of hours and at the same time was studying a career in cuba when the times were rough and he was one of the only ones to graduate.


  1. Can you talk a little bit about your day to day in school and how you are doing (ie. what classes are you taking, what are your favorite parts of the day, how does school compare to back home etc...)

my classes are ib math studies, world history, science topics, environmental science, journalism and business, my favorite part of the day is when it is time to go to soccer practice but other from that I also really like all my classes. the difference between this school and my other school back home is that this one is much smaller, we get more breaks between classes here, also there is more focus to the students individually.


  1. How does the training you receive at Getafe International MFA compared with the training you had at home?

Although the training I received in Miami was good, here in getafe you get training with professional coaches and the practices have been great so far and I know they will keep getting better.


  1. Would you recommend this program? why?

I would recommend this program because it is a chance you have to become better soccer players and also have the chance to live in madrid, make new friends and study in an excellent school.