I-Con Sports Comes to Getafe International MFA to Talk about Sport Scholarship Opportunities in the USA

Our Getafe International MFA team received a presentation from I-Con Sports regarding their academic opportunities after High School.

I-Consports is an Organization that helps students find sport scholarships in the USA. We had the pleasure to have a speaker came in to talk to our team of the unique opportunity of being able to be selected to be part of sports team in an American university. 

Our students had the pleasure to see the importance of how the combination of a competitive sport and the academic continuity in an american university, together with the personal growth through living within an international environment, makes a difference in the students who have the privilege to live this adventure.  giving them the tools to be the leaders of tomorrow. 

During the High Performance program offered by Getafe International MFA in Aquinas American School, we strive to have our students exposed to both academic and high performance sport opportunities. The goal of the program is to ultimately prepare the athletes by giving them the best tools to be the leaders of tomorrow.