Getafe International MFA Kicks Off the Season

Our Getafe International MFA Team has begun training at full force.

The team visited on Wednesday the Getafe C.F. training facilities for the first time this year to start the season. 

This year we welcome students from all over the world, including the United States, India, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Libya, Germany,  Australia and Spain. We look forward to working our team´s abilities to the fullest to help our players succeed during their stay with us.

Among the students enrolled in the program, we welcomed Brian Rodriguez (USA) and Aidan Leith (USA), who where handpicked from the Miami Tryout we organized with Rush Soccer last June. Both Brian and Aidan where offered scholarships to join the team as a result of the Rush Tryouts. 

The team this year is lead by Alvaro Fernandez, our Technical Director and Thomas Lober, our assistant coach, who will follow the progress of our players throughout the season. Our Getafe International MFA technical team has organized an eventful year and we look forward to helping our players develop their skills through our Soccer Development program.

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